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Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon An Overview

Puri Diplomatic Residences sets a new benchmark for luxury living along the illustrious Dwarka Expressway. Nestled in Sector 111, Gurgaon, this opulent residential project stands as a testament to sophistication and grandeur.

Crafted by the esteemed Puri Group, renowned for over 50 years of excellence in delivering more than 50,000 luxury homes, this RERA-approved enclave promises an unparalleled living experience. With a legacy of exceptional projects like Puri Emerald Bay and Diplomatic Greens, Puri Group ensures unmatched quality and innovation.

Boasting 3 to 4 bedroom air-conditioned apartments with modular kitchens, Puri Diplomatic Residences epitomizes luxury living. Its secure gated community comprises 6 high-rise towers adorned with imported stone flooring and expansive decks, ensuring both style and comfort.

Beyond lavish interiors, residents indulge in a wealth of world-class amenities. From a rooftop pool to indoor games and exclusive meeting rooms, every aspect of Puri Diplomatic Residences exudes sophistication.

Strategically located, this project enjoys seamless connectivity to key landmarks such as Aerocity, DLF Cyber Park, and Diplomatic Enclave. Moreover, esteemed educational institutions like Delhi Public School and Presidium School lie in close proximity, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle.

Puri Diplomatic Residences invites you to embrace a life of luxury, where every detail is meticulously crafted to elevate your living experience. Welcome home to unparalleled elegance and sophistication along Dwarka Expressway.


Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon Location

Situated at Sector 111, Gurgaon, Puri Diplomatic Residences enjoys a prime location along the prestigious Dwarka Expressway. This vibrant neighborhood offers unparalleled connectivity and convenience, making it an ideal choice for discerning residents.

Boasting direct access to major arteries like the Dwarka Expressway, SPR Road, and Golf Course Road Extension, residents benefit from seamless travel to Delhi and beyond. Moreover, the project’s proximity to NH-8 ensures easy connectivity to the rest of the National Capital Region.

Surrounded by key landmarks such as Aerocity, DLF Cyber Park, and Diplomatic Enclave, residents enjoy a myriad of shopping, dining, and entertainment options at their doorstep. Additionally, renowned educational institutions like Delhi Public School and Presidium School provide top-notch schooling options for families.

With its strategic location and excellent connectivity, Puri Diplomatic Residences offers residents the perfect blend of luxury living and urban convenience. Welcome to a neighborhood that epitomizes modern living along Dwarka Expressway.


Puri Diplomatic Residences presents an array of luxurious amenities designed to elevate your lifestyle and cater to your every need. Whether it’s relaxation, recreation, or fitness, this prestigious enclave offers a host of facilities to indulge your senses.

Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon Amenities

  1. Clubhouse: Step into a world of luxury at the opulent clubhouse, where residents can unwind and socialize in style.

  2. Swimming Pools: Dive into the refreshing rooftop swimming pool under the open sky or enjoy a swim in the all-weather indoor pool, offering relaxation and rejuvenation at any time.

  3. Sports Facilities: Stay active and fit with indoor and outdoor sports amenities, including a badminton court, squash courts, and a fully-equipped gymnasium.

  4. Recreational Areas: Embrace the outdoors at the terrace party lawn and banquet hall, perfect for hosting gatherings and celebrations amidst lush surroundings.

  5. Children’s Play Zone: Let your little ones explore and play in the dedicated kid’s play zone, offering a safe and fun environment for them to enjoy.

  6. Yoga and Meditation Hall: Find your inner peace and tranquility in the serene yoga and meditation hall, providing a space for holistic well-being.

  7. 24/7 Power Backup: Enjoy uninterrupted power supply with 24/7 backup, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for residents.

  8. Security: Rest assured with a multi-tier security system, including CCTV surveillance and manned security personnel, ensuring the safety and security of residents and their belongings.

  9. Convenience: With amenities like a medical shop and ATM within the premises, residents can enjoy added convenience and ease of access to essential services.

Puri Diplomatic Residences sets a new standard for luxury living with its comprehensive range of amenities, offering residents a truly indulgent lifestyle experience.


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Master Plan

Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon master plan

Puri Diplomatic Residences unveils a meticulously crafted master plan that harmonizes luxury living with modern convenience. Spread across a sprawling landscape, this prestigious enclave is designed to offer residents a seamless blend of elegance, comfort, and functionality.

  1. Architectural Design: The master plan showcases the architectural brilliance of the project, featuring sleek and contemporary design elements that exude sophistication and style.

  2. Residential Towers: The layout includes multiple high-rise residential towers, each offering a distinct sense of luxury and refinement. With well-appointed apartments and expansive living spaces, residents can experience the epitome of urban living.

  3. Open Spaces: Embracing the concept of green living, the master plan incorporates ample open spaces and landscaped gardens, providing residents with a serene and tranquil environment amidst the bustling cityscape.

  4. Amenities and Facilities: Strategically positioned within the layout are the luxurious amenities and facilities, including the clubhouse, swimming pools, sports courts, and recreational areas, ensuring residents have access to a wide range of leisure and entertainment options.

  5. Road Network: The master plan includes well-defined roadways and pathways, facilitating smooth vehicular and pedestrian movement throughout the complex. Thoughtfully planned driveways and drop-off points enhance convenience and accessibility for residents and visitors alike.

  6. Security Infrastructure: With a focus on safety and security, the master plan incorporates advanced security features such as gated entrances, CCTV surveillance, and manned security personnel, ensuring a secure living environment for all residents.

  7. Community Spaces: Enhancing the sense of community, the master plan includes designated areas for social interaction and engagement, such as parks, plazas, and seating areas, fostering a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood atmosphere.

Puri Diplomatic Residences’ master plan is a testament to thoughtful urban planning and meticulous attention to detail, creating a haven where luxury meets functionality, and residents can truly experience the art of fine living.


Puri Diplomatic Residences offers meticulously crafted layouts that redefine luxury living, ensuring maximum comfort, functionality, and style for residents. Each layout is thoughtfully designed to optimize space utilization and enhance the overall living experience.

Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon Layout

  1. Apartment Layouts: The apartments within Puri Diplomatic Residences are designed to exude elegance and sophistication. Featuring spacious living areas, well-appointed bedrooms, and modern kitchens, each layout is tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of residents.

  2. Floor Plans: With a variety of floor plans available, residents can choose from 3BHK+Study, 3.5BHK+Study, 3.5BHK+Study+Servant, and 4.5BHK+Study+Servant configurations. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat or a sprawling abode, there’s a floor plan to suit every lifestyle.

  3. Balconies and Decks: The layouts incorporate continuous balconies and large decks, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. Residents can enjoy panoramic views and ample natural light while relishing moments of relaxation and serenity.

  4. Tower Configurations: The residential towers within the complex are designed to offer residents utmost privacy and exclusivity. With single-core towers featuring 2 apartments per floor and multi-core towers housing 4 apartments per floor, residents can enjoy a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

  5. Common Areas: In addition to individual apartments, the layouts also include meticulously planned common areas such as grandiose entrance lobbies, landscaped stilt areas, and designer drop-off porches. These spaces enhance the overall ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the complex.

  6. Accessibility Features: Thoughtful accessibility features such as wide corridors, ramp access, and elevator facilities ensure convenience and ease of movement for residents of all ages and abilities.

  7. Customization Options: Residents may have the opportunity to customize certain aspects of their layouts, allowing them to personalize their living spaces according to their unique tastes and preferences.

Puri Diplomatic Residences’ layouts epitomize the perfect fusion of luxury, comfort, and practicality, setting the stage for an unparalleled living experience that caters to the needs and aspirations of modern urban dwellers.


Super Area: Upon Request

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Super Area: Upon Request

Starting Price: Upon Request


Super Area: Upon Request

Starting Price: Upon Request

Payment Plans available

Puri Diplomatic Residences offers flexible and convenient payment plans to facilitate smooth and hassle-free transactions for prospective buyers. With various options available, residents can choose the plan that best suits their financial preferences and requirements.

Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon Payment Plans

  1. Initial Payment: Upon application, a nominal booking amount is required to secure your desired unit within the project. This initial payment serves as a commitment to the purchase and initiates the booking process.

  2. Instalment Payments: The total sale consideration is divided into multiple instalments, which are payable at predefined intervals throughout the construction period. These instalments are structured to coincide with key milestones in the project’s development, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  3. Flexible Schedules: Payment schedules are designed to accommodate the financial capabilities of buyers, with options for staggered payments based on construction progress. This flexibility allows buyers to manage their finances effectively while ensuring timely completion of payments.

  4. Final Payments: Upon completion of the project and issuance of the Occupation Certificate (OC), the remaining balance is due. This final payment signifies the conclusion of the transaction and enables buyers to take possession of their units.

  5. Transparent Policies: Puri Diplomatic Residences maintains transparent and fair payment policies, providing buyers with clear guidelines and timelines for payments. This transparency fosters trust and confidence among buyers, ensuring a positive purchasing experience.

  6. Assistance and Guidance: Throughout the payment process, buyers are provided with assistance and guidance from the project’s sales team. Any queries or concerns regarding payments are addressed promptly, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transaction.

  7. Customized Options: In some cases, buyers may have the opportunity to customize their payment plans to better align with their financial circumstances. Customized options may include adjustments to instalment amounts or schedules, providing buyers with greater flexibility and control over their payments.

Puri Diplomatic Residences’ payment plans are designed to simplify the buying process and offer buyers peace of mind, knowing that their investment is being managed efficiently and responsibly. With flexible options and transparent policies, purchasing a home at Puri Diplomatic Residences is a straightforward and rewarding experience.

Construction Linked

Construction linked payment plan is available.

Possession Linked

Possession linked payment plan is available.

Exclusive Plan

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Puri Diplomatic Residences sets a new standard for luxury living with its impeccable specifications, curated to enhance comfort, elegance, and functionality. From premium finishes to state-of-the-art amenities, every aspect of the residences is designed to exceed expectations and elevate the living experience.

Puri Diplomatic Residences Sector 111 Gurgaon Specifications

  1. Air-Conditioned Apartments: Experience year-round comfort with air-conditioned apartments, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment regardless of the weather outside.

  2. Imported Stone Flooring: Revel in luxury with imported stone flooring that adds a touch of sophistication to every space, from the living room to the bedrooms and beyond.

  3. Modular Kitchens: Embrace culinary excellence in modular kitchens equipped with modern appliances and high-quality fixtures, making meal preparation a delightful experience.

  4. Continuous Balconies: Enjoy panoramic views and ample natural light with continuous balconies that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living spaces, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

  5. Large Decks: Extend your living space outdoors with large decks in front of the living room, providing an ideal setting for alfresco dining, gatherings, and moments of tranquility.

  6. High-Speed Lifts: Access your residence effortlessly with high-speed lifts that ensure swift and convenient vertical transportation within the towers.

  7. Grandiose Entrance Lobby: Be greeted by a grandiose entrance lobby that exudes elegance and sophistication, setting the tone for luxury living from the moment you step inside.

  8. Landscaped Stilts and Drop-Off Porch: Immerse yourself in lush greenery with landscaped stilts and a designer drop-off porch, creating a welcoming ambiance and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the complex.

  9. Rooftop Amenities: Indulge in a host of rooftop amenities, including a swimming pool, pool deck, terrace party lawn, and banquet hall, providing residents with exclusive spaces for leisure and entertainment.

  10. Clubhouse: Unwind and socialize in the luxury clubhouse, equipped with modern facilities and offering a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  11. Indoor Sports Facilities: Stay active and healthy with indoor sports facilities such as badminton courts, squash courts, and a gymnasium, catering to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

  12. Security Features: Enjoy peace of mind with a multi-tier security system, including CCTV surveillance and manned security personnel, ensuring the safety and security of residents and their belongings.

Puri Diplomatic Residences’ specifications are a testament to the project’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and luxury. From the finest materials to the most advanced amenities, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a truly extraordinary living environment.

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