Central Park Dwarka Expressway: A Luxurious Oasis in Sector 104 Gurugram

Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon’s Sector 104, the prestigious Central Park is all set to unveil its latest residential marvel: Central Park Dwarka Expressway. This opulent project promises to be a testament to luxury living, seamlessly blending elegance, comfort, and convenience. The following sections provide a comprehensive insight into the unmatched offerings of Central Park Dwarka Expressway.

Prime Location: An Address of Distinction

Gateway to Connectivity

Central Park Dwarka Expressway enjoys a strategic location that offers unparalleled connectivity. Situated in Sector 104, this project is a mere 15-minute drive from the Delhi International Airport, ensuring effortless travel for frequent flyers. The 60-meter road at the project’s front establishes a direct link to NH8 at Hero Honda Chowk, making commutes smoother. This prime location is not just about convenience; it’s a gateway that connects you to various critical destinations with unparalleled ease.

Proximity to Key Facilities

The project’s desirable location ensures access to essential amenities within minutes. DPS International School is conveniently situated just 2 minutes away, providing a quality education for your children. Medanta Hospital is a 10-minute drive from the project for healthcare needs, offering world-class medical services. Moreover, a range of 5-star hotels nearby caters to your leisure and hospitality needs. The project’s seamless connectivity extends to the railway station and the upcoming metro station, making transportation a breeze.

Master Plan: Harmonizing Residential and Commercial

Central Park Dwarka Expressway’s master plan is a symphony of residential luxury and commercial vibrancy.

Diverse Land Use

Spread across 11.5 acres. The project integrates residential and commercial spaces. Approximately 2.5 acres are for commercial projects that promise a unique blend of convenience and luxury. Notably, these retail spaces will house fully furnished 5-star hotel-serviced studio apartments, creating an environment of luxury.

Green Living

The residential segment, covering 9 acres, is a testament to Central Park’s commitment to green living. With 85% of the land dedicated to lush greenery and devoid of vehicular movement, residents will be welcomed into a serene haven that blends nature and modernity seamlessly.

Highrise Towers

Central Park Dwarka Expressway’s residential segment will unveil in multiple phases, with each stage introducing Highrise towers that redefine modern living. Highrise of  40+ stories, these towers are set to become luxury landmarks. Offering 3, 4, and 5 BHK units along with penthouses, the project ensures diverse living options to cater to various preferences.

Luxurious Clubhouse: An Exquisite Retreat

Grandeur Redefined

Central Park Dwarka Expressway’s Sector 104 clubhouse is not just a facility; it’s an embodiment of grandeur and indulgence. The clubhouse spans three levels across a sprawling area of around 80,000 square feet, making it the largest and most luxurious on Dwarka Expressway.

Aquatic Splendour

The centrepiece of the clubhouse is an infinity pool that promises to transport residents into a world of aquatic splendour. Complementing this is a temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool that caters to your swimming needs all year round.

Wellness and Fitness

The club is synonymous with wellness and fitness, offering a spa sauna that allows residents to unwind and rejuvenate. The state-of-the-art gym with modern branded equipment ensures residents access to world-class fitness facilities.

Hospitality Par Excellence

What sets Central Park’s clubhouse apart is its unique focus on hospitality. The project features an in-house facility management team that ensures residents receive impeccable service and a seamless experience. Additionally, the option to collaborate with Central Park’s renowned 5-star hotel chain adds a touch of exclusivity to the club.

Innovative Layouts & Floor Plans: A Canvas of Possibilities

Central Park has always been synonymous with innovative layouts, and the Sector 104 Dwarka Expressway project is no exception.

Expansive Decks

A unique highlight of the project is the expansive deck at the front of each unit, measuring an impressive 11 feet. This distinctive feature adds aesthetic charm and offers a space for residents to connect with the outdoors.

Spacious Bedrooms

The residences offer generously sized bedrooms that provide ample personal space for various activities. These spaces ensure that residents enjoy comfort and privacy in every aspect.

Grand Living Spaces

The extended living dining area adds an element of grandeur to the residences. This spacious setting allows residents to entertain guests, create memorable family moments, and experience luxury.

Exquisite Specifications: Where Luxury Reigns Supreme

Central Park Sector 104 Dwarka Expressway continues Central Park’s legacy of offering unmatched specifications and facilities.

Modern Comfort

The residences will feature VRV with air purifiers, ensuring a modern and comfortable living environment. Italian marble adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

Fully Furnished Kitchens

The fully furnished branded kitchen has white goods, making cooking a delightful experience. Innovative home features ensure residents have complete control over their living environment.

Artistic Accents

Central Park projects are known for their artistic flourishes, and the Sector 104 project is no exception. Art paintings and 3D fixtures will captivate and elevate each residence’s visual aesthetics.

Pricing: Reflecting Quality and Value

Central Park projects have always commanded a higher price due to the exceptional construction, features, and value they offer.

Niche Quality

The  Central Park Dwarka Expressway at sector 104 Gurgaon project is the same, promising to deliver niche quality and luxurious living. With an expected price range of approximately 20,000 to 22,000 per square foot for the initial phase, the project ensures that every square foot reflects the excellence and opulence it embodies.

Investment Potential

Central Park Dwarka Expressway will launch in various phases, and the prices will increase  significantly. Signifies the project’s value and showcases its investment potential, making it an attractive proposition for those seeking long-term growth.

Embrace a Life of Luxury

Central Park Dwarka Expressway beckons you to a life of luxury, comfort, and sophistication. With its strategic location, exquisite amenities, innovative design, and exceptional quality, the project promises to redefine the art of living. Central Park 104 is a testament to Central Park’s legacy of delivering excellence that transcends expectations.

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