Central Park Dwarka Expressway: Unveiling a Luxurious Haven in Sector 104

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Central Park, a name synonymous with luxury real estate, is poised to redefine opulent living with its latest venture along Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon’s Sector 104. This article unveils the exquisite details of Central Park’s new project, focusing on its prestigious legacy and unique offerings that set it apart in the competitive real estate landscape. With a spotlight on the keywords “Central Park Dwarka Expressway” and “Central Park 104,” we delve into the project’s features, amenities, and the exceptional lifestyle it promises to offer.

Legacy of Luxury: Central Park’s Stature

Central Park has already etched its name in Gurgaon’s real estate history with three iconic projects: Central Park 1 on Golf Course Road, Central Park 2 on Sohna Road, and the expansive Central Park Flower Valley in Sohna. These ventures speak volumes about Central Park’s commitment to crafting luxurious living spaces. Now, with Central Park’s latest project in Sector 104, the legacy of excellence continues to unfold.

Central Park Dwarka Expressway: An Alluring Overview

Spanning over 11 acres, Central Park’s project in Sector 104 is a harmonious blend of commercial and residential spaces. The development features 2.5 acres of commercial area and a sprawling 9 acres dedicated to premium residences. The residential units, ranging from 2400 to 4200 square feet, encompass diverse configurations, including 3, 4, and 5-bedroom layouts. These residences are meticulously designed to offer the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

Central Park 104: Reaching New Heights

At the heart of Central Park’s project are the awe-inspiring 45-story residential towers that redefine luxury living. The Central Park 104 project, with its towering presence, showcases architectural brilliance and visionary design. These towers not only symbolize luxury but also embody Central Park’s commitment to setting new benchmarks in upscale living.

Central Park Dwarka Expressway: A Symphony of Space and Nature

Central Park’s Sector 104 project adopts a low-density design, with approximately 35 units per acre. This approach creates an environment of spaciousness that is truly a rarity in modern urban developments. Moreover, the project embraces nature, dedicating around 85% of its area to lush green spaces. These verdant pockets serve as serene sanctuaries, offering residents a tranquil escape from the urban hustle.

Central Park 104: Where Connectivity Meets Convenience

The project’s strategic location along Dwarka Expressway ensures seamless connectivity. With direct access to this arterial road and the 60-meter road, residents enjoy smooth travel to various parts of Gurgaon and beyond. The project’s proximity to NH8 Hero Honda Chowk, a mere 10-minute drive away, adds an extra layer of convenience for its residents.

Elevating Lifestyle: Amenities at Central Park Dwarka Expressway

Central Park’s commitment to luxury living extends to its extensive amenities. The project features a sprawling clubhouse, touted as the largest along Dwarka Expressway. This clubhouse is a hub of indulgence, offering a wide array of recreational and wellness facilities. Residents can immerse themselves in a lifestyle that is both vibrant and rejuvenating.

Central Park 104: Redefining Luxury

Central Park’s project in Sector 104 is more than just a residential complex; it’s a testament to luxury redefined. With its towering architecture, expansive green landscapes, and unparalleled location advantages, the project encapsulates the epitome of opulent living in Gurgaon. Central Park 104 aspires to elevate living standards and set new benchmarks in super luxury living.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the unit sizes available in Central Park’s Sector 104 project? Central Park’s Sector 104 project offers unit sizes ranging from 2400 to 4200 square feet. These configurations include spacious 3, 4, and 5-bedroom layouts.
  2. What sets Central Park 104 apart from other projects? The standout features of Central Park 104 include its remarkable 45-story residential towers, its emphasis on low-density design, and its prime location along Dwarka Expressway.
  3. Who is presenting Central Park’s Sector 104 project to potential buyers? Opulnz Abode, a reputable real estate consultancy, is proud to present Central Park’s Sector 104 project. They provide comprehensive assistance, guiding investors through the booking process and offering detailed project insights.
  4. What makes the location of Central Park’s project advantageous? Central Park’s project in Sector 104 enjoys direct access to Dwarka Expressway and the 60-meter road, ensuring effortless connectivity. Additionally, it’s conveniently located just a short 10-minute drive from the NH8 Hero Honda Chowk.
  5. What amenities can residents expect in the Central Park Dwarka Expressway project? The project boasts an expansive clubhouse, considered the largest along Dwarka Expressway, offering a wide range of recreational and wellness facilities. These amenities enhance residents’ lives, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle.
  6. What is the expected completion timeline for the Central Park 104 project? While the exact timeline may vary, Central Park aims to provide a seamless and efficient construction process. Interested buyers can connect with Opulnz Abode for the latest updates on the project’s completion and possession dates.
  7. Are there any educational institutions or healthcare facilities near the Central Park 104 project? Absolutely! Central Park’s Sector 104 project benefits from its strategic location, which places it within reach of various educational institutions, hospitals, and medical centres. Residents can enjoy easy access to quality education and healthcare services.
  8. Is Central Park 104 suitable for families looking for spacious homes with modern amenities? Yes, Central Park 104 is designed to cater to families seeking spacious and luxurious homes. With its range of unit sizes, green spaces, and world-class amenities, the project offers an ideal setting for families to thrive and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.
  9. Does the Central Park 104 project have provisions for security and surveillance? Absolutely. Central Park prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. The project is equipped with advanced security systems, surveillance cameras, and trained personnel to ensure a secure and peaceful living environment.
  10. Can investors get assistance in understanding the project’s investment potential and expected returns? Certainly! Opulnz Abode, Central Park’s trusted partner, offers expert guidance on the project’s investment potential, expected returns, and market trends. They can provide valuable insights to investors looking to make informed decisions.
  11. How can potential buyers get in touch with Opulnz Abode for more details about the Central Park 104 project? Interested buyers can easily reach out to Opulnz Abode through their official website or the contact details provided. Opulnz Abode’s dedicated team is available to answer queries, provide project information, and guide buyers through the entire process. Connect with us on 9654888862