Unveiling Central Park’s Grandeur: A New Paradigm in Super Luxury Living at Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

Team Opulnz Abode: 12-08-2023, 12:12pm: Read Time – 3mins


Central Park, a name synonymous with luxurious living and impeccable craftsmanship, is all set to make its mark again with the introduction of an extravagant super luxury residential project in the prime locale of Sector 104 along Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon. The project marks the next chapter in Central Park’s legacy of delivering unparalleled opulence to its discerning clientele. This article delves into the intricate details of this forthcoming architectural marvel, from its prestigious lineage to its unique offerings poised to redefine luxury living in the heart of Gurgaon.

A Legacy of Luxury

Central Park has etched its name in the annals of real estate with its earlier successful projects that have garnered attention and admiration. The developer’s track record boasts of three significant projects in Gurgaon: 

1.Central Park 1, gracefully positioned on the Golf Course Road.

2.Central Park 2, elegantly nestled along Sohna Road.

3.Central Park Flower Valley, an expansive 300-acre township located in Sohna.

Central Park’s legacy of delivering super luxury properties sets the stage for its forthcoming venture that aims to create new milestones.

Embracing the Future: Project Overview

Central Park’s new super luxury project on Dwarka Expressway spans over 11 acres of prime real estate, artfully combining 2.5 acres of commercial space with 9 acres dedicated to premium residential offerings. This meticulously planned project caters to a discerning audience, offering unit sizes ranging from a commodious 2400 square feet to an indulgent 4200 square feet. The configuration options encompass 3, 4, and 5-bedroom layouts, thoughtfully designed to harmonize elegance and functionality.

Skyline Redefined: Towering Heights of Luxury

At the heart of this opulent project stands an awe-inspiring testament to architectural brilliance – the towering 45-story residential edifices. These structures are not just buildings; they are aspirations realized in steel, glass, and concrete. The vertical marvels stand tall against the urban skyline, redefining the concept of luxurious living. A prime example of Central Park’s commitment to innovation, these residential towers embody both grandeur and magnificence.

A Symphony of Space and Greenery

One of the defining features of Central Park’s upcoming project is its low-density design philosophy. With approximately 35 units per acre, the project creates a sense of spaciousness that’s a rarity in today’s urban landscape. Amidst this carefully crafted layout, around 85% of the project area is dedicated to lush green spaces. These expansive greens are more than just landscaping; they are sanctuaries of tranquillity, offering a respite from bustling city life.

Connectivity and Convenience: A Perfect Blend

The project’s strategic location along Dwarka Expressway provides it with unparalleled connectivity. The development enjoys seamless access to this major arterial road and the 60-meter road, ensuring effortless travel to various parts of Gurgaon and the National Capital Region. Moreover, the project’s proximity to the NH8 Hero Honda Chowk, merely a 10-minute drive away, adds another layer of convenience for its residents.

Luxury Redefined: Amenities and Lifestyle

Central Park’s commitment to luxury extends beyond the confines of individual residences. The project hosts an expansive clubhouse that stands as a testament to grandeur and exclusivity. This clubhouse, touted as the largest along Dwarka Expressway, offers an array of world-class amenities. From recreational spaces that cater to fitness enthusiasts to rejuvenating wellness facilities, the clubhouse promises to be a hub of leisure and indulgence.

Pinnacle of Luxury: Setting New Benchmarks

Central Park’s forthcoming project on Dwarka Expressway holds the promise of not just another residential development, but a landmark of luxury that is poised to set new benchmarks. With its towering architectural marvels, abundant greenery, and unparalleled location advantages, the project encapsulates the epitome of opulent living in Gurgaon.

Partnering for Excellence: Opulnz Abode

For those seeking to be a part of this grand experience, Opulnz Abode emerges as the perfect partner. This esteemed real estate consultancy proudly presents Central Park’s new project to discerning investors and home seekers alike. With a legacy of trust and excellence, Opulnz Abode is committed to assisting clients in every step of their journey, from gaining insights into the project to navigating the booking process.


Central Park’s introduction of a new super luxury residential project in Sector 104, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon, ushers in a new era of opulent living. With its soaring towers, verdant landscapes, and a dedication to delivering the utmost in luxury, the project represents the epitome of elegance, comfort, and exclusivity. It stands as a testament to Central Park’s unwavering commitment to crafting living spaces that reflect not only architectural brilliance but also the aspirations of those who seek the finest in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the sizes of the residential units available in Central Park’s new project? 

The project offers a range of unit sizes spanning from 2400 square feet to 4200 square feet, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Configurations include 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms.

  1. What makes Central Park’s new project stand out from others? 

The project’s defining features include the imposing 45-story residential towers, incorporation of expansive green spaces covering around 85% of the development, and its strategic location along Dwarka Expressway.

  1. Who is facilitating the presentation of Central Park’s new project to potential buyers? 

Opulnz Abode, a respected real estate consultancy, is the proud presenter of this exceptional project. They offer comprehensive assistance, guiding investors through booking process and providing in-depth project insights.

  1. What’s unique about the location of Central Park’s new project? 

The project’s offers direct access to Dwarka Expressway and the 60-meter road, ensuring seamless connectivity. Additionally, it’s just a short 10-minute drive from the  NH8 Hero Honda Chowk.

  1. What kind of amenities can residents expect in Central Park’s new project? 

The project boasts an expansive clubhouse, the largest on Dwarka Expressway, providing array of recreational and wellness facilities. The amenities are designed to enrich the lives of residents and elevate their living experiences like Olympic size pool, indoor badminton court, lawn tennis, Spa Souna,  state of art Gym with modern equipment’s and many more.