Max Group and Antara: Pioneering in Life Insurance, Senior Care, and Real Estate

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Introduction to Max Group and Antara Senior Living

Max Group, a leading Indian multi-business conglomerate, excels in Life Insurance and has ventured into the high-potential sectors of Senior Care and Real Estate. The Group’s subsidiary, Antara, stands out as a pioneer in senior living, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to meet the needs of India’s growing elderly population.

Max Group’s Impressive Track Record

Max Group reported consolidated revenues of approximately Rs. 19,800 Cr. in FY2020. Its influence is substantial, with around 4 million customers, 400 offices across India, and over 16,000 Groups as of March 31, 2020. The conglomerate includes three holding companies: Max Financial Services and Max Ventures & Industries, listed on the Indian stock exchanges, and Max India, which is being re-listed following a demerger.

Max Group’s Structure and Key Investors

The Max Group consists of three holding companies. Max Financial Services and Max Ventures & Industries are listed on Indian stock exchanges. Meanwhile, Max India, which was delisted on June 11, 2020, during a demerger process, is in the process of being re-listed. The Group boasts a robust investor base, including prominent global financial institutions such as New York Life, KKR, IFC Washington, Baron, Vanguard, and Blackrock.

Antara: Innovating Senior Living & Care

Launched in 2013, Antara is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Max India Limited. It provides comprehensive senior care services through its two primary business lines: Residence for Seniors and Assisted Care Services.

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Antara Residences for Seniors

Antara’s flagship senior living community in Dehradun, spanning 14 acres and featuring approximately 180 apartments, offers seniors a serene and enriching environment. The community’s expansion in 2020 with a new senior living facility in Noida, Sector-150, promises a vibrant and supportive community for its residents. This state-of-the-art facility, set for possession by 2024, is designed to cater to seniors’ social, recreational, educational, wellness, and health-related needs, thereby ensuring a high quality of life for its residents.

Antara Assisted Care Services

Antara’s assisted care services are designed for seniors over 55 who require more immersive interventions due to medical or age-related issues. The first Care Home, launched in Gurugram, provides long-term care for seniors needing constant medical and nursing supervision and short-term care for recuperation. The services include healthcare services, home critical care, diagnostics, nursing care, pharmacy, and physiotherapy, allowing seniors to receive professional care in their homes.

Antara plans to establish a 35-40 Care Homes network in the next three years, offering extensive support and care. The service provides healthcare services, including home critical care, diagnostics, nursing care, pharmacy, and physiotherapy, allowing seniors to receive professional care in their homes.

Strategic Investments and Growth Plans

With the senior population expected to represent 10% of India’s total population by 2025, Antara is well-positioned to capture a significant market share. Senior Care in India is an emerging industry with a market potential exceeding USD 10 billion, yet it remains underserved. Max India plans to invest over Rs. 300 Cr. in the next 2 to 3 years across new Assisted Care Services and existing senior living residences, further solidifying Antara’s growth potential.

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Leveraging Max Group’s Expertise

Antara benefits from Max Group’s extensive experience in healthcare, insurance, hospitality, and real estate. This synergy ensures high-quality, integrated services for seniors. The success of Antara’s flagship Dehradun community underscores the real potential for significant value creation for shareholders. Antara targets the affluent to mass affluent senior population, initially focusing on Delhi-NCR and expanding to additional clusters in North and South India, serving an estimated cohort of 4 million seniors.

Financial Strategy and Outlook

Max India maintains a Rs 400 Cr. treasury corpus and a rent-yielding commercial asset in Delhi NCR, supporting Antara’s growth. The company is also considering capital reduction options, subject to Board approval, to optimize shareholder returns.

Antara Future Prospects and Vision

Max Group’s strategic investments and innovative services in Life Insurance, Senior Care, and Real Estate demonstrate its commitment to enhancing customer value and optimizing shareholder returns. Antara’s comprehensive senior living solutions and ambitious expansion plans highlight its crucial role in meeting the needs of India’s elderly population. Through Antara, Max Group continues to set new standards in senior care, ensuring a dignified, comfortable, and fulfilling life for seniors.

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