DLF’s The Camellias: A Luxury Real Estate Marvel

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Explore the opulence of DLF’s The Camellias project, valued at Rs 12,000 crore, with only 429 exclusive units for sale. Despite the pandemic, DLF witnessed a remarkable surge in sales. Discover the allure of Golf Links residences on Golf Course Road, commanding top rentals in the luxury segment. Dive into the escalating demand from expatriates, businessmen, and CXOs, transforming the real estate landscape in Gurgaon and Delhi. Uncover the parallels drawn between The Camellias and Delhi’s prestigious Lutyens zone.


Delve into the epitome of luxury with DLF’s The Camellias, a project valued at Rs 12,000 crore, featuring only 429 units for sale. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, DLF experienced an unprecedented surge in sales, outpacing the numbers of the previous two years. The Golf Links residences, nestled on Golf Course Road as part of DLF5, exemplify grandeur and boast some of the highest rentals in the luxury and super-luxury segments nationwide.

The Allure of Golf Links Residences:

Golf Course Road Residences: The Epitome of Luxury Living

Experience a blend of sophistication and comfort at the Golf Links residences on the prestigious Golf Course Road. Integral to DLF5, these residences set the benchmark for opulent living and stand out for commanding the highest rentals in luxury and super-luxury segments nationwide.

Luxury Living Redefined: Explore the unrivalled luxury that Golf Links residences offer, redefining opulent living standards. The meticulous design, state-of-the-art amenities, and panoramic views make these residences a coveted choice among discerning individuals.

Commanding Rentals: Discover the unique proposition of Golf Links residences, not just as homes but as investments. The demand for rentals in this area has soared, making it an attractive choice for regional expatriates, businessmen, CXOs, and those transitioning from bungalows to high-rise condominiums.

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Shifting Real Estate Paradigms:

Luxury Real Estate Landscape in Gurgaon and Delhi: A Paradigm Shift

Witness the transformation of Gurgaon and Delhi’s prime areas as they rival the prestigious neighbourhoods of Mumbai in terms of luxury real estate prices. The price surge has brought high-end apartments in Gurgaon and Lutyens Zone bungalows to a comparable level, sparking intriguing comparisons between The Camellias and Delhi’s esteemed Lutyens Zone.

Price Parity with Mumbai: Explore the evolving real estate dynamics as Gurgaon and Delhi’s prime areas now boast luxury real estate prices comparable to Mumbai’s prestigious neighbourhoods. The Camellias is a testament to this paradigm shift, offering an unparalleled living experience.

Drawing Comparisons with Lutyens Zone: Delve into the discussions surrounding The Camellias, drawing parallels with Delhi’s esteemed Lutyens zone. The similarities in pricing and exclusivity create a narrative that positions The Camellias at the forefront of luxury real estate in the region.

Meeting Diverse Demands:

Surge in Rental Demand: A Multifaceted Phenomenon

Unpack the factors contributing to the surge in rental demand at The Camellias, catering to diverse segments, including regional expatriates, businessmen, CXOs, and homebuyers transitioning from bungalows to high-rise condominiums.

Appeal to Regional Expatriates: Understand the magnetism that draws regional expatriates towards The Camellias. The project’s international standards and serene surroundings make it an ideal choice for those seeking a global lifestyle in the heart of Delhi NCR.

Choice of CXOs and Business Leaders: Explore why CXOs and business leaders gravitate towards The Camellias. The strategic location and top-notch amenities position these residences as a haven for professionals seeking a perfect work-life balance.

Transitioning Homebuyers: Witness the trend of prospective homebuyers transitioning from traditional bungalows to high-rise condominiums. The allure of modern living, coupled with the prestige of The Camellias, marks a significant shift in homebuyers’ preferences.

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Industry Experts’ Insights:

Luxury Real Estate Parity: Gurgaon vs. Lutyens Zone

Gain insights from industry experts who observe the convergence of luxury real estate prices in Gurgaon and Delhi’s prime areas, mirroring those in Mumbai’s prestigious neighbourhoods. The emergence of The Camellias as a benchmark prompts comparisons with Delhi’s esteemed Lutyens zone.

Industry Observations: Explore expert opinions on the evolving landscape of luxury real estate. Industry leaders provide valuable insights into the factors contributing to the pricing parity between Gurgaon, Delhi, and Mumbai. The Camellias is a notable player in this narrative.

Comparisons with Lutyens Zone: Understand the nuanced comparisons between The Camellias and Delhi’s esteemed Lutyens Zone. The architectural finesse, exclusivity, and overall appeal create a dialogue that positions The Camellias as a peer to the illustrious Lutyens zone.


Q: What sets DLF’s The Camellias apart from other luxury projects? A: The Camellias distinguishes itself with its unparalleled opulence, strategic location on Golf Course Road, and limited offering of only 429 units, ensuring exclusivity and prestige.Q: How has the pandemic impacted sales at The Camellias? A: Contrary to expectations, DLF witnessed a surge in sales during the pandemic, surpassing the numbers from the p