Comprehensive FAQs About Max Group and Antara Senior Living & Care Services

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Navigating the complexities of senior care and understanding the extensive services offered by Max Group and its subsidiary, Antara, can be daunting. To help you get a clearer picture, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. This FAQ section covers everything from the core operations and vision of the Max Group to the luxurious senior living options provided by Antara. Whether you’re an NRI looking for ways to ensure your parents’ well-being in India or simply curious about Max Antara’s upcoming projects, these

FAQs will provide the insights you need.

1. What is the Max Group?

The Max Group is a leading Indian multi-business conglomerate with a strong presence in the life insurance industry, senior care, and real estate sectors.

2. What are the main sectors Max Group is involved in?

The Max Group primarily requires life insurance, senior care, and real estate.

3. How large is the Max Group in terms of revenue and workforce?

In FY2020, the Max Group recorded consolidated revenues of approximately Rs. 19,800 Cr. It has a customer base of around 4 million, with over 400 offices across India and more than 16,000 employees.

4. What are the prominent companies under the Max Group?

The Max Group comprises three holding companies: Max Financial Services, Max Ventures & Industries, and Max India.

5. Who are some of the notable investors in the Max Group?

The Max Group’s investor base includes prominent global financial institutions such as New York Life, KKR, IFC Washington, Vanguard, and Blackrock.

6. What is Antara?

Antara is a wholly owned subsidiary of Max India Limited, focused on providing integrated senior care services, including residential communities for seniors and assisted care services.

7. What services does Antara offer?

Antara offers various senior care services, including Residence for Seniors, Care Homes, and Care at Home services.

8. Where are Antara’s current residential communities located?

Antara’s current residential communities are located in Dehradun and Noida.

9. What new projects is Antara planning?

Antara plans new projects in Gurugram, Bangalore, Panchkula, and Hyderabad.

10. What types of units are available in Max Antara luxury senior living homes?

Max Antara luxury senior living homes offer 2, 3, and 4 BHK units.

11. What makes Antara’s Care at Home service unique?

Antara’s Care at Home service provides personalized care and support to seniors in the comfort of their own homes, including critical care ICU setups, nursing care, in-home physiotherapy, and more.

12. How does Antara support NRIs in caring for their parents in India?

 Antara offers comprehensive home care services tailored to the needs of seniors, ensuring that NRIs can provide their parents with high-quality medical care and support from afar.

13. What is the Max Group’s vision?

The Max Group aims to lead in sectors with high growth potential, such as senior care and real estate, while maintaining a strong presence in the life insurance industry.

14. What are some plans for Antara’s expansion?

In the next few years, Antara plans to establish a chain of 35-40 Care Homes, expanding its reach and services for seniors across India.

15. How can I learn more about Antara’s services?

You can visit their website, which provides detailed information about their Care at Home services and senior living communities.

16. What is Max Estates?

Max Estates is the real estate arm of the Max Group, focused on developing high-quality residential and commercial properties.

17. What are some of Max Estates’s upcoming projects?

Max Estates has several upcoming projects, including luxury residential developments and commercial spaces in prime locations across India. Max estate upcoming residential project is in sector 36a, Dwarka expressway Gurgaon.

18. Where are Max Antara’s upcoming senior living projects?

They are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Panchkula.


19. What can residents expect from Max Antara’s luxury senior living homes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Panchkula?

Residents can expect premium living experiences with units available in 2, 3, and 4 BHK configurations, a vibrant community, modern amenities, and comprehensive senior care services.

20. What amenities will be available in Max Antara’s new senior living communities?

The new senior living communities will offer a range of amenities, including wellness programs, recreational activities, medical facilities, social events, and more, designed to cater to seniors’ holistic needs.

21. How does Max Antara ensure the well-being of its residents?

Max Antara ensures the well-being of its residents through personalized care plans, dedicated healthcare professionals, and a supportive community environment that promotes physical, emotional, and social well-being.

22. Are any particular features in Max Antara’s senior living homes?

Yes, Max Antara’s senior living homes are designed with seniors in mind, offering features like emergency response systems, senior-friendly infrastructure, and easy access to healthcare services.

23. How can interested individuals learn more about Max Antara’s upcoming projects?

Interested individuals can visit the Max Antara website ( or contact customer service for detailed information and updates. Contact – +919654888862

24. What sets Max Antara apart from other senior living communities?

Max Antara stands out for its comprehensive approach to senior care, combining luxury living with personalized healthcare services, a vibrant community, and a commitment to excellence in senior care.

25. How does Max Group’s experience in healthcare and real estate benefit Max Antara?

Max Group’s extensive experience in healthcare and real estate provides Max Antara with a solid foundation for delivering high-quality senior care services and developing premium senior living communities, ensuring the best care and living standards for seniors.

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