Booking Your Home at Sobha Aranya: Overview

Team OpulnzAbode: 7th March 2023, 15:15: Read time – 3mins 

Explore the seamless journey of securing your dream home at Sobha Aranya, nestled in the lush environs of Sector 80, Gurgaon, within the prestigious Karma Lakelands community. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the booking process and essential resources, ensuring an informed path to luxurious living in one of Gurgaon’s most exclusive locales.

What is the location of Sobha Aranya, and what makes it unique?

 Sobha Aranya is located in Sector 80, Gurgaon, within the prestigious 300-acre Karma Lakelands golf community. Its unique positioning offers panoramic views of lush landscapes. It provides a tranquil yet luxurious living experience away from the city’s hustle.

Can you provide details on the apartment sizes in Sobha Aranya?

 Sobha Aranya offers luxurious 3BHK, 4BHK, and 4.5BHK apartments in sizes ranging from 2800 sq ft to 4250 sq ft. These spacious units are designed to cater to various family sizes and preferences, emphasizing comfort and exclusivity.

What is the starting price for an apartment in Sobha Aranya?

 The initial launch price of Sobha Aranya is set at ₹23,000 per sq ft, offering a competitive entry point into one of Gurgaon’s most exclusive communities. This price reflects the project’s luxury, location, and amenities.

Has Sobha Aranya received its RERA approval?

 Sobha Aranya is currently in the pre-launch stage, with RERA approval expected soon. Prospective buyers are encouraged to express their interest early to benefit from pre-launch offers and ensure compliance with all regulatory standards.

What are Sobha Aranya’s specific architectural and design specifications?

 Sobha Aranya is designed with a focus on luxury and sustainability. The project features high-rise towers with 42 stories, offering expansive views and incorporating green building principles to ensure energy efficiency and ecological harmony.

How many units does Sobha Aranya have per floor?

 Sobha Aranya plans to offer 2 or 3 units per floor, ensuring its residents’ spacious living conditions and privacy. This design choice underscores the project’s commitment to exclusivity and personalized living experiences.

What percentage of the project area is dedicated to open green space in Sobha Aranya?

 Sobha Aranya dedicates 20 acres of its 32-acre development to central greens and open spaces. This commitment to green living spaces ensures residents enjoy a serene environment and a connection to nature.

Can you elaborate on the club and amenities provided in Sobha Aranya?

 Residents of Sobha Aranya will have exclusive access to an 80,000 sq ft club within the project and a 100,000 sq ft Karma Club at Karma Lakelands. These clubs offer a range of amenities, including fitness centres, spas, swimming pools, and dining options, catering to a luxurious lifestyle.

How many units and towers are there in Sobha Aranya?

 Sobha Aranya features just 9 towers and 900 units in total. This limited number of units across the expansive development ensures a sense of community and exclusivity.

What is Sobha Aranya’s payment plan?

 The payment plan for Sobha Aranya is designed to be flexible and investor-friendly. Details are available upon expressing interest in the project. Early investors may also benefit from pre-launch offers.

How does the Expression of Interest (EOI) process work for Sobha Aranya?

 The EOI process for Sobha Aranya allows prospective buyers to register their interest early, securing priority in the booking process and availing themselves of pre-launch benefits. A refundable deposit is typically required to express interest.

What steps are involved in Sobha Aranya’s booking process?

 The booking process for Sobha Aranya involves submitting an EOI, choosing your preferred unit upon project launch, and then proceeding with the payment plan and contractual agreements to finalize the purchase.

What gives Sobha Aranya a competitive edge in Gurgaon’s real estate market?

 Sobha Aranya stands out due to its exclusive location within the Karma Lakelands community, commitment to luxury and ecological sustainability, and comprehensive range of amenities designed for a sophisticated lifestyle.

How does Sobha Aranya integrate ecological sustainability into its design?

 Sobha Aranya integrates ecological sustainability through energy-efficient building designs, water conservation practices, and extensive green spaces, ensuring a minimal environmental impact and promoting a healthier lifestyle for its residents.

Can you explain the connection between Sobha and Karma in the development of Sobha Aranya?

 Sobha Developers and Karma Lakelands have collaborated to develop Sobha Aranya, combining Sobha’s luxury real estate development expertise with Karma Lakelands’ commitment to green, sustainable living. This partnership aims to create a luxurious and environmentally responsible living experience.

What is the detailed booking process for an apartment in Sobha Aranya?

 The booking process for Sobha Aranya is structured to be smooth and transparent, ensuring prospective buyers can secure their dream home with ease. Initially, interested parties are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and a refundable deposit to secure priority status. Following the official launch, individuals with EOIs will be invited to select their preferred apartment from the available units based on their priority. Subsequently, buyers must complete the booking formalities, including signing the agreement and adhering to the payment schedule outlined. For further assistance and to navigate through the booking process, Sobha Aranya’s sales team is readily available to offer personalized support. Call 9654888862

Where can I find the official website for Sobha Aranya to get more information or initiate the booking process?

 For comprehensive details about Sobha Aranya, including project overviews, apartment specifications, amenity descriptions, booking procedures, and the latest updates, prospective buyers and interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website.