NDTV’s Strategic Expansion: Leasing 1.28 Lakh Sq Ft at Noida’s Max Square

Team Opulnz Abode:12-11-2023,12:12am: Read Time – 1.5 mins

The Rise of Max Square in Noida’s Commercial Landscape

Max Square in Noida has emerged as a new commercial hotspot, with significant companies, including NDTV, marking their presence. NDTV’s decision to lease 1.28 lakh sq ft in this prime location is a testament to the area’s growing importance in the corporate world​​.

Max Square: A New Hub for Business Excellence

The Strategic Importance of Location

In the heart of Noida, Max Square offers unparalleled connectivity and amenities, making it a coveted destination for businesses seeking to enhance their brand presence and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Facilities and Modern Infrastructure

Max Square is not just about space but about providing an ecosystem fostering productivity and innovation. The complex has state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a seamless work environment for its occupants.

NDTV’s Expansion: A Milestone in the Media Industry

Embracing Growth and Innovation

NDTV’s move into Max Square symbolizes the media giant’s commitment to growth and adaptation in the ever-evolving media landscape. This strategic expansion will enable NDTV to leverage the advantages of a prime location, further solidifying its position as a leading media conglomerate.

The Future of Commercial Real Estate in Noida

A Booming Market for Corporate Leasing

Noida’s commercial real estate sector is witnessing a surge, with more companies seeking expansive and modern workspaces. With its comprehensive offerings, Max Square stands at the forefront of this shift​​.

The Role of Max Estates in Shaping Noida’s Skyline

Max Estates, the force behind Max Square, is crucial in redefining Noida’s commercial landscape. Their focus on creating futuristic workspaces is attracting top-tier companies, driving economic growth in the region​​​​​​.

Max Estate has recently launched Residential Project at sector 128 Noida by the name Estate 128 offering 4 and 4.5 bhk luxury apartments.


NDTV’s lease at Max Square is more than a business transaction; it’s a strategic move that aligns with the media giant’s vision for growth and innovation. As Noida continues evolving as a commercial hub, Max Square is a beacon of modern infrastructure and corporate excellence.

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