Central Park’s Upcoming Super Luxury Project on Dwarka Expressway: A Blend of Elegance and Convenience

Central Park, a renowned name in the real estate industry, is gearing up to unveil its latest masterpiece on Dwarka Expressway at Sector 104. This highly anticipated project spans a sprawling 10-acre and boasts a unique mix of residential and commercial spaces. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and innovative design, this development is all set to redefine upscale living in the city’s heart. Let’s delve into the details of this extraordinary venture.

A Fusion of Commercial and Residential Excellence

Central Park’s new project on Dwarka Expressway is a true embodiment of innovation and versatility. The project has a mixed land-use license, creating a harmonious blend of commercial and residential spaces. This dynamic approach ensures that residents meet all their needs within the Central Park 104 complex.

Commercial Splendour: A 5-Star Hotel and Upscale Retail

The commercial segment of the project to feature a lavish 5-star hotel, providing a world-class hospitality experience for visitors and guests. Additionally, upscale retail spaces will be available, catering to the needs of both residents and visitors. This integrated approach enhances convenience and contributes to the overall vibrancy of the project.

Residential Opulence: Towers of Elegance

The residential part of the project comprises four magnificent towers that stand as a testament to luxury and comfort. These towers are designed to offer a sense of exclusivity and grandeur. With only two units per floor across approximately 45 stories, residents can enjoy the privacy and tranquillity they deserve.

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Spacious Options: 3BHK and 4BHK Residences

Central Park’s new project offers a range of residential options to cater to varying needs. The 3BHK units boast a generous area of 3200 square feet, while the 4BHK residences span a lavish 4200 square feet. These well-designed layouts ensure ample space for families to thrive while indulging in a sophisticated lifestyle.

Exclusive Tower: Studio Apartments and 1BHK Delights

Diversity of offerings, the project includes an exclusive tower dedicated to studio apartments and 1BHK units. These spaces range from 750 to 1200 square feet and are thoughtfully crafted to provide comfort and elegance. The studio apartments come fully furnished, promising a hassle-free living experience.

Unravelling the Luxurious Specifications

Central Park’s commitment to excellence is evident in every detail of this project. The specifications speak volumes about the thoughtfulness invested in creating a remarkable living space.

  • VRV Air Conditioning: Each unit is equipped with VRV air conditioning, complete with air filters, ensuring optimal indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Modular Kitchen with Premium Appliances: The kitchens are adorned with modular designs and premium appliances from well-known brands, adding functionality and style to daily living.
  • Italian Marble Flooring: The epitome of elegance, Italian marble flooring graces the interiors, elevating the ambience to a new level of sophistication.

The Grand Club Experience

Enriching the lifestyle of residents, the project incorporates a sprawling club spanning around 50,000 square feet. This club serves as a hub for recreational and social activities, offering an indoor pool and many other world-class facilities. Residents can relish a well-rounded living experience within the premises.

Architectural Marvel: Inspired by Marina Bay Sands

The outer facade of the project draws inspiration from the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This architectural marvel is set to become a landmark in the city, reflecting both modernity and elegance.


Central Park’s forthcoming super luxury project on Dwarka Expressway is poised to redefine upscale living in every sense. With a harmonious blend of commercial and residential spaces, luxurious amenities, and attention to detail, this project is a testament to Central Park’s unwavering commitment to excellence. As the cityscape evolves, this development stands tall, offering an unparalleled living experience where convenience meets opulence.


  1. What is the unique feature of Central Park’s new project on Dwarka Expressway? The project uniquely combines commercial and residential spaces, creating a self-sufficient ecosystem for residents and visitors.
  2. What are the sizes available for 3BHK and 4BHK units? The 3BHK units span 3200 square feet, while the 4BHK residences offer a spacious 4200 square feet.
  3. Are the studio apartments furnished? The studio apartments come fully furnished, providing a hassle-free move-in experience.
  4. What amenities can residents enjoy in the club? The club offers many facilities, including an indoor pool, to cater to residents’ recreational and social needs.
  1. How is the project’s architectural design unique? The iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore inspired the outer facade, giving the project a distinctive and contemporary look.

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